Not Reasonable Targets, Resonant Targets

One of the catalysts for the most exciting breakthroughs my clients experience is my process for getting people to step out of fantasy about their businesses. That’s when the floodgates open, and clients, connections and revenue starts to pour in. I wish I could share the process with you in a blog or even a series of blogs, but I’ve found it requires some lead-up experiences and personal coaching to get to that “ah-ha!” moment that changes everything. We tend to be deeper in fantasy about our businesses and business numbers than we realize!

However, I can give you a simple tool that will get you started on stepping out of fantasy, and into real generative energy. You can use this tool on any target you have for your business, such as number of clients, revenue and so on. But for this exercise, we’ll use your annual income.

Write down your annual income for the last year. Now, write down how much you’d like your income to be next year. That’s your target.

I bet your target is the much bigger number. And it’s probably a completely feasible target. Totally possible to achieve. But wait, haven’t you been here before? Haven’t you set a high target income for yourself, and missed it by a long shot? Here’s the fantasy part: you might not actually be resonant with your target. That income may be achievable, but in reality it’s too far from what your judgements, conclusions, points of view and attraction points will currently allow for. And when you’re not shooting for a target that you’re resonant with, you’ll default back to the income that you are resonant with, which is your current income. Year after year, people’s income stays about the same for this very reason.

If that seems right for you, go back to your current annual income, and start increasing it by increments of $5,000 or $10,000. Feel into the number, and if it feels light, go up another increment. As soon as the number starts feeling heavy, you’ve gone too far, and you’re not resonant with that amount. The target that feels light is the income you’re resonant with. This is the number where the magic will happen. Being resonant means that everything you need to hit your target can flow to you. Start asking the generative questions that will make that target a reality!